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All of Christine Quinn's Selling Sunset season four outfits ranked – The Tab

She is easily the best dressed Selling Sunset cast member
Selling Sunset is back and with it comes the return of Christine Quinn’s outfits aka the only reason I’m watching the show this season. Regardless of what you think of Christine’s behaviour one thing that cannot be denied is how incredible every single one of her outfits is. Her wardrobe is easily the most iconic in reality TV history. She’s tottering around in six inch heels whilst nine months pregnant, who else could pull that off?
The other Selling Sunset girls’ wardrobes just fail in comparison to Christine’s looks. Sure Heather can sometimes pull off a great ponytail and Amanza always looks flawless, but at the end of the day they’re wearing elevated PrettyLittleThing looks. They’re basic and predictable, whereas with Christine you never know what she’s going to wear, only that it will be fire.
Christine is only in fashion competition with her self and so of all of Christine’s season four outfits which is truly her best? We’ve ranked her looks from decent to oh my god this woman is fashion royalty:

One outfit had to be the worse so it had to be the most basic which is this black matching yoga set. Perfectly good for working out but not the most fashionable she’s ever looked. Bonus points for the Louis Vuitton water bottle holder though.

I’m sorry but this print is pure hell to me. I love you Christine but I cannot look at it anymore.

See above. This is only marginally better thanks to the white blazer.

I don’t know what it is but I’m just not a fan of a unitard. However I do appreciate her knee high boots with the words “Rich af” on the side.

A classically chic look to wear to introduce your friends to your new born baby, don’t all new mothers wear Fendi?
The two things I love about this look are the yellow Porsche she’s driving and the blue headband. Blair Waldorf who? Christine Quinn is my new headband inspiration.
However the rest of the look is screaming JoJo Siwa to me and I’m not into it.

This is only so far up the list because Christine for once is wearing flats. FLATS.
The rest of the outfit is classic Malibu yoga mum however respect must be paid to how good Christine looks in Converse. And of course the Louis Vuitton bag.

Again with the unitard not a vibe. However I do appreciate the renaissance opulent feel the outfit is giving – cherubs on the unitard and the baroque gold bag looks expensive. It’s like Christine has just stepped out of a painting. Well she is art after all.

This could have been a stand out look but she covered half of it with a pillow, next.

If there’s one thing you can say about Christine is that she has fun with fashion. This look is going heavy on the underwater theme and I surprisingly love it.
The pearl bag, matching pearl necklace and clashing sea print actually looks super chic.

If you’re gonna show up to see the woman you hate for the first time you do it in a matching hot pink two piece. It’s not her most outrageously creative look but she’s just had a baby so I’ll let her off.
The accessories are what takes this look to the next level. The pink sunglasses and green bag are to die for, and the baby is pretty cute too.
Elle Woods? Sorry no it’s Christine Quinn.

This look is giving me “if ladies who lunch had sex appeal”. It’s a classic Chanel suit but with a few details that give it a Christine touch.
The pearls on the small white top provide the perfect accent and the butterfly shaped sunglasses make it more young and fun than a traditional suit look.

Christine Quinn looks like how all the magazines sell us NYE outfit inspiration, except she looks better. It’s a sparkly, glam number and though it’s not the most out there look she is simply stunning in it.

This is the Elle Woods look after she’s made loads of money in court. Expensive.

It was at this moment I wondered if Christine and Paris Hilton were long lost twins.
The little pink velour Chanel sundress just screams early 2000s and I love every single piece of this look – the white heels, pearl necklace and white sunnies. Perfection.

I won’t lie beyond the classic trench I’m not really a fan of the Burberry check. However on Christine she manages to make school girl chic look cool and refreshing.
The pigtails and lunchbox style bag could be overkill but for some reason it doesn’t make her look like she’s in primary school, instead it just brings an element of fun to a tense business meeting.

Are Chanel paying Christine to wear their suits? In all honesty she should be their next brand ambassador. She makes taking your newborn baby out look like a stroll in the park and that is hands down due to the ease and grace she has in this two piece. She is wearing the suit, the suit isn’t wearing her.
I’m not usually a fan of big bags but then usually they’re not gold and Chanel. What is she carrying in that bag? Because it surely can’t be nappies.

A sublime outfit choice. The dress is classic and the mix of accessories takes it to another level.
Christine really knows how to wear a hat, especially a hat most people would not have the balls to pull off. Combined with the gold jewellery and pink Jacquemus bag, she is easily the best dressed cast member.

The lunch box bag. I’m dead.

Christine looks like the president of the most fabulous country in existence. The jacket says powerful but also still caring about being glamourous. The perfect mix.

You know Christine was gonna come out with a banger for the season finale and this is easily one of her best looks.
I really like how the dress isn’t floor length and instead cuts off just after the knee. It shows she’s putting in effort but doesn’t care to go all the way for a ball gown.
Her accessories are simple yet whimsical. The pill shaped bag is fun but the red lipstick makes her look sophisticated.

This dress is insane. The cut out, her abs, the matching knee high boots. I’m going to need a minute to recover.

I do not understand how a pregnant person can look this good right before they’re about to pop? It’s impossible.
Christine looked like a floating angel at her baby shower. It was the perfect timeless outfit to celebrate her baby and I’m so glad she didn’t dress to the party theme. Can you imagine a sloth inspired ball gown?

Now this is how you enter the season which is all about you – in sky scrapper heels and a tiny silver chair for a bag.

It was impossible to pick the ultimate Christine Quinn outfit from season four of Selling Sunset so I went with these two.
They sum up what I feel is true Christine fashion – fun, extra, sexy and full of designer pieces. She looks like a Barbie doll in the pink dress and a Bratz doll in the blue two piece.
The pink look is giving major Elle Woods energy but with cooler additions of the edgy black sunglasses and Chanel backpack. Who else would wear this outfit to get tea with their mates?
The two tone blue croc two piece is by new designer Mia Vesper and is far more heavenly than any house they’ve shown in all four seasons of Selling Sunset. Quite simply chef’s kiss.
Featured image credit via Netflix
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